That Old Alarm – Official Music Video by Amerigo Gazaway and Xiomara

With her breakout 2016 release “Seven Nineteen,” Xiomara’s soulful debut took home top rankings in SF Weekly’s “5 Best Bay Area Albums of 2016” list and led to guest spots on releases from Son Little, Blu, and Oh No to name a few. Leaning heavy on Xiomara’s songwriting and arrangement chops, the newly formed duo spent the last year crafting a collaboration as original as it is reminiscent.
Official music video: “That Old Alarm“.

“Dropping bluesy, jazz influenced vocals…Xiomara is channeling everyone from Eryka Badu to Blackstreet”

“Smoldering would perhaps be the best way to describe it.”

“One of the most complete local records of the year…This is can’t miss stuff.”

“… new and emerging San Francisco Bay Area performers to watch over the coming year.”

“Meet Xiomara, the Singer Who Gives New Life to Your Favorite Hip-Hop Classics”

“Soul/jazz vocalist Xiomara re-imagines the timeless 1994 classic and turns it into a sexy, blues-infused cover”

“It’s getting funky and bluesy up in here!”

“Xiomara’s bluesy re-imaginations of Electric Relaxation and So Fresh So Clean are simply outstanding”

“Mark Xiomara down as a name to watch because her clever compositions completely catapult your favorite tunes into a whole new genre bracket”

“An unconventional and alluring R&B tribute from California songstress Xiomara”

“A-1 drops visuals for “Retinas” featuring Xiomara…one of the best tapes I heard all of last year.”